'Lights in a Dark Place' Original Deep Textured Palette Knife Oil Painting - Cierra G. Rowe

  Lights from different sources exhale in harmony beneath dark trees and the glare of a blood moon. I have often mentioned that painting has, for me, been akin to a lighthouse guiding me through the fog. This painting reflects that especially given that it took me several months to complete it. This was an instance of art imitating life because I wasn't completely sure of where this painting was headed, when I first began. I had a general idea that I wanted to depict a lighthouse at night but I didn't know how the scene would unfold. Things seem calmer at night, simpler and though in my neck of the woods we are without lighthouses, I still drew inspiration from moments of the surrounding area. On some roads there are no light sources, only windows that blink in the dark among the trees, reminding you that human life exists beyond your reach. This can also be said of dealing with pain. Nature can be so strange. In absence of perspective it may very well be palatable and less com

'Queue of Irises' Original Deep Textured Palette Knife Oil Painting - Cierra G. Rowe

  Irises queue up for their close-ups by my Grandmother's house, dancing in a warm breeze. Their stems and leaves like fins, swimming softly in green foliage and spring grass. Tones of light cream and orange surround them with kindred energy, as their petals swirl away in the wind towards something better. 'Queue of Irises' is inspired by my Grandmother, who planted many things including Irises. I remember the ones by her house that bloomed this year. I think of those irises, among her large embedded rocks and I can't help but see her through them. The way that they gently sway in the wind, like how she swayed to her music. The softness of them, their light coloring putting you at ease, the same way she did. View 'Queue of Irises'

'Ambient Sun' Original Deep Textured Palette Knife Oil Painting - Cierra G. Rowe

  'Ambient Sun' is a palette knife oil painting. It is stimulated by intense country sunsets and guided by the essence and energy of my surroundings. Because my paintings are intimate, I can't help but pepper secrets into each. This, in turn, allows others to interpret my artwork as they wish. I am quite moody and somewhat pensive. As a consequence of this, I have come to believe that every work of art shape shifts depending on when and how you interact with it. 'Ambient Sun' is symbolic of strength, grace and maturing. The pale roses embody life and deterioration. Dewy grass holds speckles of the sun, signifying grace. Lastly, colors mingle in a deep orange sky, indicating evening, as it births an energetic sun, conveying strength and maturing. This original painting can be found and purchased by visiting the link to my gallery below:  View 'Ambient Sun'